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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

What is your favourite colour -Roses in Cyprus?

rose wine

What is your favourite colour?

I like rose roses and rose clothes. They give me positive emotion.
Spending time in rose clouds have been the best touchable moment of my day.

Roses’ wines

What do we have to know about roses?
The main thing is how have been producing roses’ wines.

We have three techniques.

Saignee- means bleeding in French
This way of producing has done to make more intense red wines.
Bleeding is a way to take out part of fermenting juice. And the rest of the fermenting juice plus the must will be much more intense in aroma, colour and flavours. Because of the must itself is more than usual, and it gives a deep colour and the intense flavours.


What about roses? How do we make them?

The juice which we already take out has a nice rose colour and soft tannins and nice aromas. Instead of failing to benefit from this wine juice. We can be continuing the fermenting process in a stainless steel tank. This is the method of producing first roses in Tavel and Bandol.

The Second method of producing Roses

It is pressing the red grapes and then fermenting the juice as we do with the white wines. The colour of this rose wine is very light salmon. Grape pigmentation is in the skin of the grape. Losing the skin and fermenting only the juice, we cannot add colour to our wine or flavours.

The third method of producing Roses

We call this method Cold Maceration. It is fermentation with the must and the juice for several hours. Then the process continues with fermenting in cold stainless steel tanks. This way of making roses will give to the wine-maker control of the ending product. Thay can see if the colour is good and if the wine has enough flavours to be good rose wine.

Cyprus roses’ wines



Let’s talk about Tsangarides winery roses.

We have two different roses. First is 100% Shiraz which is making with Cold Maceration and two months batonnage. The second rose is 80% Shiraz and 20% Maratheftiko which is coming from organic vineyards. The way of making this rose is again Cold Maceration and three to four months batonnage.

What does it mean Batonnage?

Batonnage is stirring the lees during ageing.
The Roses of Tsangarides winery will have extra nutty flavours. This benefit ageing also.

Vlassides winery and Grifos 3

Rose wines of Vlassides give one more different wine-making producing method. 80% Shiraz and 20% Grenache grapes are pressing together. Then they are fermenting together 18-20 hours. The last fermentation is getting in the cold stainless steel tanks.

I am happy to be part of one small island with innovation wine-makers and outstanding wines. Thank you all…

What is your favourite colour -Roses in Cyprus?

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