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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

In love with Astoria white wines. Second part

astoria wines Sauvignon Blanc

How come a Sommelier felt in love with wine?

I am an old fashion taster but as I am a woman I like to get a new thing from time to time.

Sauvignon Blanc “Suade” –Astoria winery

The biggest trend this year was Sauvignon Blanc all of us we start to use passion fruits much more often when we start to talk about wines.

What is new about Astoria Sauvignon Blanc?

It is wine with aromas of fresh tomatoes leaves, mint and so much herbal aromas and taste that I was dreaming on my Master Class about nice Pomodoro basil pasta with Parmesan cheese and garlic ofcourse.
The wine is dry with medium acidity and 11.5% alc. vol., it has from medium to long finish and herbal and citrus after taste.

Chardonnay “Estro” Astoria

My second love or my old fashion dream – when I was telling you I am old fashion I mean typical Chardonnay aromas of young wine without any barrel oak. Aromas of autumn gold apple, flower and peach, the wine is elegant with medium alcohol, dry and medium acidity. I can enjoy this wine alone but because is full body wine is getting well to pair with high protein food – starters with avocado, main course with chicken or duck and fruit for long finish and after taste. Serving temperature is
8-10oC. Best wine for spring and autumn, because this wine is not a fan of hot summer days.

Pinot Grigio “Alisia” –Venezie DOC

Early bird- End of August we have harvested this easy and refreshing wine grape variety, I like drinking it as an aperitif before my meal because is so soft and elegant, again it has herbal notes of fennel , citrus and melon. Pinot Grigio has lighter body, medium acidity and 12.0% alc. vol. and has nice spices after taste best to be pair with lighter food –salads , fish (no heavy sauces) , nuts and soft and dry cheeses.
Astoria is a winery with big choice of wines and next series will be red wines and Grappa. Italia without grappa is like France without cheese. Be happy with yourself and always enjoy responsible …….


Astoria Estate red wines and Grappa coming soon

In love with Astoria white wines. Second part

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