Chateau Burgozone

Grape: 100% Chardonnay
UNOAK Chardonnay
Country: Bulgaria
Quality:750 ml.
Alcohol level: 12.5 vol.
Color: gold color
Aromas: We can enjoy gold apple, papaya, pineapple, white flowers.
Palate: We can feel balanced acidity with flavors of gold apple , pear and papaya.
Tasting notes: Wine is medium body, medium ++ acidity, dry wine. I like this soft and long gold apple finish.
Food pairing: The best food pairing for it is seafood, tuna salad, and breakfast (eggs, cheese, ham and butter toast). We can easy enjoy fish as sea bream, sea bass and fry cod fish, and because of it balanced acidity.

Price: 12.00- now 10.00

Gergana Nikolova -89p.