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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Spaice for Boutique wines. Zambartas winery

zambartas winery


Space for Boutique wines
Zambartas winery.

Why I use Cyprus wine for wine tastings? What means Boutique wine?

Cyprus wines have a long history and the hugest step for the new style Cyprus wines influences Akis Zambartas. We have to thanks him for standing behind indigenous varieties and because Zambatrtas put them on a pedestal.

Why Zambartas wines are part of my wine tasting events?

I would like to share my lovely experience with Zambartas wines. I am in Cyprus from 2012 and since 2015 I have been part of the Cyprus Sommelier Association. First I met Marcos Zambartas at Best Sommelier in Cyprus 2015 I was so impressed that he has the passion to improve Cyprus wines to the world that from this time I try to introduce his wines to all my friends and clients.

Why Zambartas wines are boutique?zambarta wines

‘Margelina’ Vineyard, planted in 1921, is a vineyard with mainly Mavro vines and some other indigenous Cyprus varieties, such as Kanella, Yiannoudi, and Maratheftiko. Zambartas have also identified a few unknown varieties, which they will investigate. With such a long history it is a true gem of Cypriot viticulture and provides them the grapes for their Single Vineyard Margelina wine.

Why Xynistery is a grape always part of my wine-tasting events?

First Xynistery is grape variety widely grown in Cyprus,
Second Xynistery is grape using to be made Commandaria and Zivania,
Third Xynistery last ten years improved changed and every single Xynistery dedicated to a unique wine contains the specific characteristic of each terroir.

What makes Zambartas Xynistery unique?

zambarta wineFirst Zambartas winery has Zambartas Xynistery, Single Vineyard Xynistery and Koukouvagia White (Xynistery).
I would like to share my wine tasting notes for Zambartas Xynistery 2018, I make the last four years tasting notes and the best experience was last year Xynistery which developed uniquely for the last 10 months. I saw changing its color and the aroma is still fresh. Xynistery color at the beginning of 2019 was very interesting unusual straw yellow with rose hints, of course, this is part of the art of winemaking.
I will keep six bottles for the next five years to see how will improve. When we know that terroir is the most important thing in wine making-This fresh and distinctively aromatic wine was crafted from low-yield old Xynistery vines grown at 850m altitude in the Krasochoria region. The region with limestone, sandy-clay and volcanic soils and It is situated on the South slopes of Troodos mountain.

What about aging Xynistery?

Single Vineyard Xynistery is proper wine to be kept for more than 5 years.
And the main reason is the terroir and winemaking art:
South-West facing at an altitude of 900m vineyards masterfully shaped. These non-irrigated bush vines are organic growing.
The Winemaker’s aim was fully express the terroir and juice was fermented in big oak\acacia barrels and a small stainless-steel tank. Maturation sur-lees for 5 months ensued.
Professional Sommeliers should be honest and educated first in the location where they work and then they have to know more about world wine trends and winemaking.
As a company making private wine tastings, I use mostly small wineries and wineries with social interests.

I would like to say thank you to Marcos Zambartas and his wife Marleen for all free Master Classes and sharing knowledge with all Sommeliers looking for extra facts.

Gergana Nikolova, Wine-delivery, 96 393 448

Spaice for Boutique wines. Zambartas winery

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