Online Cava

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world


For advanced private wine tasting, you will pay 85 euro per person with Premium bouquet wines less than 2000 bottles produced per year.

We will be happy to meet you at your holiday houses and to make you’re tasting an outstanding experience.

We will bring five bottles of wine leftover after our meeting is going to be for you.

We will bring you a cheese and meat platter to accomplish the best wines you will enjoy.

We will have professional wine glasses, decanters, ice boxes and openers.

If you order wine tasting for six people, you will have six bottles. If you have wine tasting for 2,3, 4 and five people, you will receive five bottles of wine. Course cheese and meat platers will be different, and we have done our service for a piece of better knowledge about the wine you drink in Cyprus.

Professional Sommelier Gergana Nikolova will be your guide through the native varieties of Cyprus and provide feedback about all you need.

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