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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world


Luxury Yachts with Sommelier on board

  Luxury yachts at amazing Blue Lagoon with a professional sommelier with prosecco, champagne, outstanding Cypriot white wines and blush roses.True sailing is exceptional with private wine tasting with professional sommelier Gergana Nikolova.  Saling luxuries Yachts We are happy to announce that we are working with Latchi water sports. Yachts that answers all your need […]

Wine and Dine at your villa

Wine and Dine at your holiday villa. It collaborates with Chef Adam’s professional chef with international experience and Gergana Nikolova’s professional sommelier.   History of our companies.   Private wine tasting from has been working successfully since 2019. My name is Gergana Nikolova. Since 2010 after my graduation in Bulgaria as a professional Sommelier, […]

Wine tasting challenge or let’s talk about Polis and Latchi.

  My challenge for October will be promoting our beautiful area. Every day I will post pictures portray the area of the greenest spot in Cyprus. Our company do wine tasting and delivery, I would say big Thank you for all our clients and friends without we wouldn’t succeed. Supporting each other we can find […]

Luxury lifestyle

The sunny luxury Akamas bay, Cyprus What means luxury lifestyle? We say luxury lifestyle if we are having a luxury house, supercar, high services, high-quality wines, fine dining and healthy lifestyle. Having a luxury house Do you know what means luxury house? Is it a luxury building? Your dream house will design new trends. But […]

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