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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world



Wine-tasting experience on Demetris Chra boat to Blue Lagoon with a wine expert.

What to expect?


Pro Sommelier Gergana Nikolova will guide you through the notable wine regions of Cyprus matched with traditional food. The best sea view you will thought if you see where Demetris _Chara will sailing.

We will start from Latchi Harbour with glass prosecco and halloumi. We will have three regions and four different wines to taste- white, rose and red. All wines are selected very carefully.

How am I?

My name is Gergana Nikolova Pro Sommelier since 2012 and part of the Cyprus Sommeliers Association. I have one book about the wine of Cyprus and many articles for international companies.

As a professional wine writer, I spent time travelling and exploring different wine regions for better knowledge and wine culture.

I would like to give you a touch of my experience and I will make your four-hour trip fun and luxurious. Demetris Chara boat is family boat with 23 years and two generation passion.

BBQ and food matching

We will offer you freshly made barbeque, bulgur, salad, potatoes, dips, and fruits on our buffet. All meat is from Cypriot farms around our area. Haloumi you will taste in the begging is also from our villages around us. We are looking for quality.

How can you book with us?

It is very easy just send us an email at or

send us a message on Whatsapp at 00357 96393448. We will explain all you need to know. No deposit, no hidden taxes and fees.

PRICE € 75

What does it include in the price?

Free non stop pouring of wine, BBQ ,salad, bulgur, dips, fruits and halloumi. Wine, water and coffee are included if you need them. All leftover wines are for you for takeaway.

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