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Vouni Panayia –Ambelitis

vouni panayia

Vouni Panayia winery  “New trends”

Vouni Panayia- Ambelitis is situated on the North East of Paphos. The altitude of the vineyards is from 800m to 1150m.


The Mediterranean climate, the mild winters and temperate summers cooled by the Troodos mountain peaks, and affected from Psokas forest and Paphos forest as well. Vouni Panayia is the ideal place for the vines to grow. The vines are planted on their original roots not using the American rootstock, since the Cypriot vineyard it has the privilege to be the only in the Europe that remained untouched from the insect of phylloxera.
When we talk about influenced by the climate Ezousa river and Kannaviou dam are part of the condition of growing healthy vines.


Vouni Panayia winery has two soils Limestone on the top and clay soil as a bed on it. Limestone keep the temperature lower in the days and warmer in the nights. Limestone draws in water easy to the clay bed soils. On the other hand, Clay absorbs the water slowly. The winery has a unique chance to irrigate less with additional water.
Winery history:
Back in 1987, Andreas Kyriakides, after gaining valuable experiences and knowledge at the Department of Viticulture and Oenology of the Ministry of Agriculture, decided to develop his interest in wines to a labor of love and refined taste. This is when he established the first private regional winery in Cyprus: Vouni Panayia.

Experimental wines:

Spourtiko 2018 – The star of the Mountain
The grape is mid ripening. The vines are 15 years old. The wine is made with cold maturation and 20% of the wine was matured in oak untoasted barrels. And then last maturation is on the lees for four months.
We have light straw yellow colour with green hints. The aromas are refreshing with middle intense of wild fennel, pear and nuts. The wine is with medium plus acidity, light body and 12% vol. alcohol. The wine is ideal for appetizers.

Vasilissa grape- Mirror Miror

The wine is passing through 8 hours cold maturation, wild maturation and spontaneous maturation in stainless steel tank.
The grapes are very aromatic, and after the wine production, it is caring the same aromas and taste. We have wine with high acidity, medium plus body and green finish. The aromas are distinctive. We can smell honey, chamomile and white flowers.

Morokanella grape- Earth

The grape is mid-late ripening. The wine is passing trough cold maturation, wild maturation and four months maturation on the lees.
The aromas are plums, quince and pear. The wine is with high acidity, full body and medium finish.

Promara grape 2018

The grapes have early ripening; the grapes are with thick skins. We have maturation with semi skin contact for 15 days and 6 months batonnage.
The colour of the wine is straw yellow with green hints. The aromas are refreshing and intense; we can detect tomatoes leaves, stone fruits and green olives. The wine has high acidity, full body and high alcohol.

Xynistery grape 2019

The innovative ideas of treatment is using Xynistery whole bunches fermentation. After separating the grape juice fermentation will be in the stainless still tank.
The new way of treatment of Xynistery explores whole different aroma characteristic- passion fruits, herbs, pineapple and pear.
The Pumpkin wine bottle – blend of Mavro and Maratheftiko
The wine doesn’t have sulfates. The wine is natural and it is not fermenting in oak barrels.
The aromas of the wine are red currant, peach and rose hips.

Maratheftiko – The rebel

The wine is passing trough cold maturation, hot maturation and batonnage.
The colour of the wine is dark ruby colour. The aromas are red currant, forest fruits and botanical characteristic. The wine has high acidity, medium to high tannins and 13, 5% vol. alcohol.



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Vouni Panayia –Ambelitis

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