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laona akamas


Laona-Akamas is west of Paphos. It is the first region of the wine regions of Cyprus. We have to start our fairy story from Northwestern Cyprus. The greenest area in Cyprus is Laona-Akamas with Mountain range and sea access. Nowadays Laona-Akamas is an area with winery and wine museums.

Laona-Akamas villages

Laona-Akamas have 24 villages – Polis, Polis Crysouhous, Karamouliidis, Goudi, Choli, Skouli, Tera, Drusha, Ineia, Kato Arodes, Pano Arodes, Krito Tera, Kato Akourdalia, Pano Akourdalia, Kathikas, Pegia, Stroumpi, Tsada, Kissonegra, Tremithousa, Mesogi, Chloraka, Paphos, Geroskipou.


The microclimate of the region is affected by the sea breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. It is affected by the neighbourhood Stavros tis Psokas forest and as well as from Everton Dam and Stavros tis Psokas river. Laona-Akamas climate is characterised by mild to hot summers and mild winters. It enjoys at least 11 hours of bright sunshine per day, from April until October.


The altitude of the area is from 200 to 650 m.


We can find limestone, clay, gypsum- clay beds of soil.

The wineries of the Laona-Akamas

Vasiliko winery -1993

Vasilikon Winery is one of the first local wineries of Cyprus, established in 1993 by the brothers Heracles, Georgios and Giannis Kyriakides. Its successful operation is based on the excellent quality grapes of Kathikas and the Akamas Laona areas of Pafos, which are mainly picked from the family’s vineyards. Furthermore, the knowledge, dedication, and care exhibited by these winemakers, together with the technologically advanced special machinery used, make Vasilikon one of the most accomplished wineries in Cyprus.

The altitude of the vineyards is 650- 700m.

Vineyards seem to have found a suitable home in the arid, limestone and volcanic terroirs of the island.

The winery owns 16 hectares of vineyards and produces 350,000 bottles annually, each expressing the unique terroir of the property.

Varieties of their vineyards: Xinisteri, Lefkada, Morokanela, Maratheftiko, Yiannoudi, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah.

Since 2010 the winery has built a new building with a museum of wine history of the area. The new winery has a beautiful restaurant for wine-tastings and weddings.

Kamantarena Sodap-2004


In 1947, a team of forward-looking Vine Growers decided to organize their grapes production, relieving themselves from the insecurities of the troubled times on the Island and created the great wine Co-operative, SODAP, that united about 10,000 families, from 144 vine growing villages.

The Kamanterena Winery is situated between the villages of Stroumbi and Polemi.

The altitude of the vineyards is 550m. Annual production of the winery is 3 000 000 bottles.

Most of the Vineyards are planted in the Lime, Asbestolithic, but also Volcanic Soil.

Cyprus indigenous grape varieties are growing Mavro, Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Ofthalmo. The international varieties are growing Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Mataro, Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling.

Tsalapatis winery-1989

Village- Polemi

Altitude- 460m

Production-80 000

Grape variety- Xinistery, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Shiraz, Lefkada, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mataro.

Fikardos winery-1990

Fikardos Winerys’ private vineyards are located in two areas in the Pafos region, the Pano Arodes and Choulou village. The rest of the grapes used by the winery are sourced by local vine-growers from the nearby villages of Tsada, Stroumpi, Polemi, Letimpou, Kathikas and Killi.

Pano Arodes vineyard:

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 650-700 meters. The soil is mostly limestone and the grape varieties are Maratheftiko, Mavro and Shiraz.

Choulou vineyards

In Choulou village are two locations we find the first one ‘Karias’ and ‘Ammos’ vineyards at an altitude of 350 meters just next to Ezousa river. At these vineyards, they cultivate the indigenous grape varieties Xinisteri and Giannoudi but also the rare Altesse. The soil here is alluvial with a lot of pebbles and is quite fertile.

The second location is at an altitude of 450 meters just north of Choulou village. Here you can find the ‘Malountena’ vineyard where they cultivate Altesse and Giannoudi. The soil is very calcareous with sandy rocks and marine fossils.

Annual production-225 000 bottles

The best choice to try is Sunnama -sundried Malaga aged in oak barrels for 8 years.

Sterna winery-1995


Altitude- 650m

Annual production -60 000 bottles

Sterna Winery has been producing wine for many generations and is situated above ancient springs and 31 caves dating back over 3000 years, one of which is used to lay down the wines.

Thank you to be part of our wine trip around Laona- Akamas for more info Gergana Nikolova 00357/96393448.


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