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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Event production

event production


Event production

Polis Herb Garden Restaurant

If we have to make event production which will give us a new looks about wine and dines.
We have to make this event more recognizable and interesting.
Let`s do nice meeting with good wine and tasty food. Let`s meet each others.
Polis Herb Garden and Restaurant is nice cozy place with beautiful herb garden with nice atmosphere.
New building is connected with the old one like the small town Polis Chrisouhous where the old style is perfectly connected with all new coming. This small town with smiley and helpful people give us emotion like time stops that we live in old days when everyone helps each others, but the beauty is that you can get what you really use to have in your busy cities. You can have herb tea and apple pie, or a glass of nice wine and sushi rolls. The new and old is connected.

How to make wine lovers excited?

If you are wine lovers and you like to taste different wines therefore
We are giving dine and wine dinner at Polis Herb Garden and Restaurant.
Wine and dine dinner is an event including five different Cypriot wines.
Our set menu is gourmet style with a lot of herbs traditionally from the region.

How do we make our event?

Wine event
We will start at 6:30 pm with welcome drink, cheese platter and wine presentation about all the wines in the menu, this part is last 30-45 minutes. Our entire guest will get to know each other shortly.
Dine part will begin at 7:30pm with sushi rolls and Tsangaridis Rose dry wine. The best food and wine match is rose wine with Chinese or Japanese food, we say first steps in best food combination.
Part three
It will be clearing your palate; can we attract our main dish with some gusto?
In other words, Herbal Lime Sorbet will clear our mouth and will open our appetite and it will connect as a relish with Morokanella white dry flowery wine from Vasilokon winery.
Main part
It will be our sweet and sour pork on a bed of noodles and veggies and it will start at 9:00 pm. Zambartas red dry wine will be cool dawn to 15ᴼ and it will be decanted all the aromas of Shiraz and Lefkada will be appear on the palate with a lovely finishing. Unique food and wine pairing is all flavors and aromas to be similar and work together as a team. Aromas like sweet coconut, blackberry, pepper and cedar will be a bridge between the sweet and sour pork and all grilled fresh veggies, noodles will soft the tannins and balance all the flavors.
Sweet desire
Sweet desire part will be our happy ending or Lemon cake and Baklava in symphony of Nama (Commandaria not from Commandaria vellages) cocktail with fresh lemon verbena leaves and slice of orange. That will be a new philosophy of food and wine pairing or our happy endin.

New events maker

If our story comes from passion, our future will be to please all wine loves looking for a new look. As our knowledge is growing with reading and experience like that our love about wine is becoming real when we meet friends with same passion.


Event production

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