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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Blind Tasting Evenings

blind wine tasting party

When I start to learn about wines and all tasting rules,

first I was confused of all aromas and flavors coming to my senses. What were main aromas and what were secondary aromas? How we taste and do we need notes or we just talk what we feel?
I rather prefer listening lots TV shows with Sommeliers or when I find tasting groups with wine lovers to get into blind taste and getting closer to the right ways of doing it.

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlo

and all grapes are so popular and if you do not know how to recognize them what you can do? I try to find explanation in Google but they are very short and not clear or they do not exist. Did you try to find news about wines and information which you can use to get more knowledge? If yes, can you find same aromas of all written in Google or other research? I may say I rather doing alone my tasting that taking notes from all what is coming at internet.
We would make wine and tasting funny game. How can we do that? We can make events with games to find the grapes in blind tastings. All this games can make your evenings more interesting.

What do we mean with blind tasting evenings?

We start with four wines and vegetables and cheese platters. All four wines are covered, no one can see them. We begin with all proper techniques for tasting although you cannot see the bottles with correct way of tasting you can discover what are behind the covers. And more important is that all you feel can be used with your own words.
Do you like to be very good connoisseur?
Make yourself as good as a professional Sommelier, all wine lovers competing between each other. The best taster gets one bottle unique wine and certificate for connoisseur.
We offer you small groups of wine lovers and you can meet people with same hobbies and they can challenge each other and receive gifts and have fun. Our wine lovers will receive vouchers and discount cards for wines and events.

Blind Tasting Evenings

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