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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Kapama- simple and homemade


We have been cooking Kapama…

But somedays around new holidays enthusiastic copy and pasting photos of Christmas cakes and baked turkey. I was so amazed by one perfect aroma from a garden next to my house in Cyprus. I am Bulgarian my grandmother from my father side was born next to Sofia and my mom mother was born in Rhodope Mountain. The tangerine aroma was so intense coming thought my window. In my mind was coming out pictures from my childhood when we were eating oranges and tangerines only for Christmas. And somewhere there was the best food homemade banitsa and slow-cooked Kapama all we were smiling and happy as the best photos we can see now only in the advertisement. Where did all these happy people escape? When was the last time when your family were all together laughing and cooking traditional food simple and homemade? The answer has been in our mind but secretly hiding from Facebook and Instagram. I am Bulgarian and I am from Rhodope Mountain and Sofia. I have been cooking banitsa every holiday as the tradition of my grandmother and singing songs from Shopsko. I have been cooking Kapama for five hours since my twelve years old.

Kapama and red wine

I could stop thinking about my Christmas aromas. Our home was so amazing around all holidays because of all funny traditions. And aromas of wood, homemade red wine and home food with all bouquet of pork sausages with wine and black pepper.

What wine have been serving at our Christmas days?

The answer is one of the most easily homemade one. The best food and wine pairing have been Kapama and aged red wine. The wine should be excellent aged red wine with aromas of Bulgarian white oak and no added sugar. My grandfather always said that the best wine is made from grapes with fresh wood and careful airing. Tradition in Bulgaria of making outstanding wines has been to prove masculinity since ages.

Have you ever ask yourself how we pair food and wine?

First and the most important is pairing food and wine from same region because there are made for each other. Second fatty food with lots of fat and oil we pair with wines with high acidity – it can be white, rose or red. Third fresh vegetables and salad with lighter dressing need refreshing fruity wines. If you like to learn some more food and wine pairing check out our new WINE LESSONS ONLINE. Thank you to my family, friends that they will be next to me always as a clear air stays with the Mountains. The photos are by Svetla and Georgi Bizevi.     bulgaria_1 bulgaria_2 bulgaria_3 bulgaria_4 bulgaria_5 bulgaria_6 bulgaria_7
Kapama- simple and homemade

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