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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

One good year

one gtood year

The Vintage of modern Cyprus wines

Which are the best vintages I have been trying since 2012?

Modern Cyprus wines are my passion not only because of the style of the wines and the 5000 years history of winemaking but I have also been amazed by the hospitality of the winemakers. One good year or the best vintages are 2019 and 2020 because of the excellent rain and the coolest winters. If you have ever been to Cyprus you should know that February is a sunny month with 15C and little rain, but 2019 and 2020 were years with longer winters and temperatures between 2-7C.

What does it mean good vintage for Cyprus wines?

I have been studying the wine industry last 10 – 12 years. One good year for the vines need sun, water and soil, as we know the soils of Cyprus are one of the best for winemaking (limestone, clay and volcanic). The sun is the gold of Cyprus and it makes Cyprus the top tourist destination.

Rainfall is the difficulty of Cyprus climate, we often have arid years.

What does it mean arid year for wine production?

I am in love with the native varieties of Cyprus, they are used to protect their quality from climate difficulties. But vintages with excellent rainfall portray the tropical characteristic of Xynistery and the unique herbal notes of Mavro. Arid vintages have been characterized by lemongrass and citrus aromas at Xynistery and green pepper notes to Mavro.

What does it mean Modern Cyprus Vintages?

The Extraordinary condition of winemaking is young passionate winemakers with innovative ideas and knowledge. We have progressive organic, vegan and experimental wines.

Where is the best place to try new vintages of Cyprus wineries?

You can always visit the winery you choose and I am sure that you will be amazed by the welcome hosting of all winemakers. If you are not ready to make a trip to the wineries you can order a wine tasting experience at your villa with wine-delivery.

Which winery you should try in Cyprus?

Tsangarides winery, Makarounas winery, Vouni Panayia winery and Vasilikon winery are situated in the Paphos area.

Zambartas winery, Tsiakkas winery, Vlassides winery, Kyperounda winery and Ekfraseis winery are situated in the Limassol area.

Aes Ambelis is situated in the Nicosia area.

Commandaria region is the historical road of Cyprus, you have to check Agia Mavri, Zambartas, Tsiakkas and Kyperounda.

One good year or many excellent vintages…

Choose Cyprus wines and try the new world trend…

One good year

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