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Let’s party start with Tequila.

let's party tequila
Very often we have been looking for outstanding spirits than we can choose tequila and we can have an excellent party. But do we actually know which tequila is good? Since 2008 and my trip to Mexico, I have been a huge fan of tequila. Every single drop of this agave drink makes me dreaming for a party and sunny beaches. Do you want to know how to choose wisely your shopping? If the answer is yes, you will find many interesting facts about this unique spirit here. What’s tequila made from? Both tequila and mezcal are made from the harvested core of the agave plant, otherwise known as the “piña.” Tequila can be made only from the blue agave. We have two types of tequila production. Mixto– at least 51% blue agave and other 49% cane sugar flavoring and coloring. This version is the cheapest one. We have to know that some producers have higher prices because of the popularity of their trend. Some examples Jose Cuervo Especial and Sierra which have over 20.00 euros for a bottle. We can see blue agave on the label but not 100% agave. What does it mean for us 49% other cane sugar? We can have hungover. But it will be the best choice for cocktails, Where we have to mix many flavours and juices. Traditionally we drink tequila room temperature. Top-quality tequila is “Pure”. It is made from 100% blue agave. It can be Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo. The best Blanco on the market It is Patron and Don Julio, which are not so higher prices around 30-40 euros. Prices of the agave last 5 years are extremely high. Tasting notes green flavours, aloe, pepper, asparagus and grassy after taste. Reposado It has the least two months and no more than a year in a wooden vessel. We have to know that we need 6 years to have agave ready for use. And then all work is made by hand, we crush and bake. Some producers use clay pots for extra smoke flavours. I am a big fan of Cimarron which use agave from 2000m Sea level. And the excellent tasting notes are the baked flavours of eggplant and courgettes. The after taste is pleasant and nutty. Anejo It aged tequila not less than a year in oak barrels less than 600 liters. This is a unique tequila with so much character and aromas that I can choose it instead of whisky. I will go for 3 Amigos or Herradura. How do we know that the bottle is real, not fake? Every tequila should have a cod like this one NOM1493CRT. tequila number   NOM means that is tequila made in Mexico. The numbers are different. CRT is tequila police which gives authorization for the label that is correct and there are no mistakes. The party can start with your excellent choice agave spirit and with your friends. Store your tequila on a dark and cold place. If the liquid in your bottle is less than a half, drink it fast, because the oxygen in the bottle can destroy the spirit and it will become agave water. If you need any assistant about wines, spirit and drinks. You can always connect with me via or on the contact phone 00357/96393448. We give lessons in small groups or in private. The price depends on lesson type and groups. tequila kolaj  
Let’s party start with Tequila.

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