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Seafood and wine of Cyprus

seafood and wine

Wine tasting notes

Seafood and wine tasting

Cyprus is an island with one of the best Mediterranean seafood cuisine. Wine tasting and food pairing are easy when you work with tasty food and very good wines. We can find all year fresh fish- red mullet, sardine, octopus, Cyprus shrimps, grouper, barracuda, red snapper and sea bass.

Fish meze

Fish meze is traditionally the way of eating on the island. We share all the food between us. All dishes are fifteen small plates with unique flavours. We begin with Village salad and local dips served with homemade pita bread with olive oil and oregano. Hot appetizers including our fish meze are fresh fry calamari, grill octopus, grill cutlet fish, crab legs, Cyprus shrimps with garlic butter, fry mussels and fresh fry potatoes. Thirty minutes after serving the salad we have our main fish dishes small fry fish and grill sea bream top up with ladolemoni (olive oil and lemon).

Wine tasting notes for fish meze

First keep in mind that traditionally fish meze includes a lot of spices- garlic, parsley and oregano. Second, our salad usually has feta cheese on the top. And third but not last most of the dishes have freshly squeezed lemon juice. Maybe the best choice for the seafood is white wine. But these entire three factors which we already mentioned make us thinking about wine with full-body, balanced, medium tannins, medium acidity, sweet spices aroma. Feta cheese is a young salty white cheese perfectly pair usually with young red wine. We are eating all the food together. What wine is the best choice for fish meze, then? Cyprus has perfect young rose wines balanced with medium acidity and medium tannins with pomegranate and cloves aromas.

The best rose wine in Cyprus

Tsangarides winery  Rose wine
The grape variety of the wine is Shiraz. It has 12.5% alc. vol. and is dry. The aromas of the wine make mouth taste more off-dry than dry.
Wine tasting notes Refreshing aromas of strawberries, white flowers, cinnamon and rose petals. Mouth taste is full of strawberry lollipops, red currant and rose syrup.

Zambartas winery  -Rose wine
The grape varieties in the wine are Cabernet Franc and Lefkada. The alcohol volume is 12.5%, wine is dry.
Wine tasting notes: It has intense aromas of rose petals, pomegranate, red currant and cloves. The palate is connected perfectly in balance with the aromas and adds a taste of pomegranate juice and sweet spices.

Vasilikon winery – Einalia Rose
The grape varieties in the wine are Maratheftiko and Shiraz. The alcohol volume is 12.5%,.Wine is dry but has a feeling of off-dry because of the sweet spices coming from Maratheftiko.
Wine tasting notes: The wine has an intense bouquet of red cherry, rose flower, pomegranate and sweet spices. The palate has intense flavours of cherries, blueberries and walnuts. It has long after taste.
The island gives are the opportunity to taste fresh fish and seafood next to the sea. Cypriot wines change the last ten years. They become modern and organic. Taste and drink responsibly.

Seafood and wine of Cyprus

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