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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Wine tasting from Online Cava

wine tasting

Wine tasting

Ours Online Cava offer you private wine tasting in your villa or house.
The tasting evening is two hours long and contains:

-Five boutique wines from Cyprus different from the market, which is going to be for you after tasting night
-You will get a food platter perfect food mach for your wines
-Me myself as a professional Sommelier I will give you a very interesting explanation and some facts about wine and how to pair wine and food
– I will bring with me professional wine glasses, decanter, ice-cooler, food platter, five Cyprus boutique wines (two white, two rose and one red) and score wine list.

How can you order a tasting?

Gergana Nikolova or

Call and make an appointment minimum one day ahead. Many times I have two tasting per night I have to be preparing before I will meet you.
Price is per person and is 30 euros. Minimum people to be made wine tasting evening is two, for groups after ten people price reduce and the tasting will be from two and a half hours to four hours.
Food platter contains fresh Cypriot fruit and veggies, Cypriot cheese (Halloumi and kefalotiri) , lounza , bread , olives, chocolate and biscuits.
Enjoy your day and be happy, our idea is to make our live happier and to drink responsible.

Regards Gergana Nikolova, Polis, Cyprus.

Wine tasting from Online Cava

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