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Beaujolais Nouveau 2019

beaujolais nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019

We are wine lovers looking for new experience,
We are keen on refreshing aromas and flavors which expended memories and good feelings.
Beaujolais Nouveau is a first wine coming on vintage 2019, first red wine from Burgundy, France. Gamey is the best young red grape variety with bouquet of aromas of black currant, raspberry, violet, bubble gum and banana. Beaujolais wines have tradition to be selling from 1970 and to be consumed shortly after bottling.

Do we have only red Beaujolais?

Yes and No, only 1% of the wines are white.
Red and white grape varieties but mostly red, we have Gamey as a red and Aligote and Chardonnay as a white grape varieties.
To the east lies the alluvial plain of river Saone and soils towards the south are limestone-based. The vines are trained along wires and it is here that plain.

What we have to know about Beaujolais AC?

It is produced, mainly by carbonic maceration. This is also the major source of Beaujolais Nouveau, a wine that is specifically made early drinking and now accounts for up to half the total annual crop of Beaujolais. Its fashion seems to have largely passed in Britain, although it is now a commercially successful novelty in countries as Japan. It cannot be released to the consumer until after midnight of third Wednesday in November after the vintage, that is the morning of the third Thursday, and cannot be sold by growers or merchants after the following 31 August.

Why is a fashion wine?

Beaujolais Nouveau is an easy drinking red wine with low to medium body, high acidity and low tannins and also this is a way wine to be easy combining with lots of varieties food as Tai food, Chinese food, seafood, chicken, pastas and salads.
The Best wine for Christmas Eve is Beaujolais Nouveau pairing well with any of the food serving at Christmas dinner. The Wine is pairing perfect with all different food serving around the world for Christmas from pudding and chocolate to pork and vegetarian food in Eastern Europe. This is why fashion is never ending for Beaujolais Nouveau and also become bigger and bigger trend year after year.

Gergana Nikolova your guide in wine world.

Enjoy your days and drink responsible.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019

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