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Wine tasting in your villas or house 2

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My dream to be a Sommelier starts 2010 in one small and very popular hotel in my country Bulgaria, Balneo Complex & SPA Aquatonik . We had “food and wine “dinners, we were so in to do a great job that I signed as a student at College Bulprogress Velingrad with classes Sommelier studies.
When you spent months on your desk with books and wines, you start to think what is the funniest thing about wine which makes me in love with it?
This is food and wine pairing with friends. We all love time with friends and wine is a hobby and positive emotion, is a game and fun.
Then I ask myself if every one of my friends like parties with wine and fun?
The answer was- yes, it is. And I start a company with wine tasting events and parties.

Is it easy to promote a private tastings?

No, but I get a huge help from friends Luxury Latchi Villas and after a huge success at 2019 with 30 private wine tasting at villas. And our new company working with us Elpidas house . I am dreaming more about wine and friends meetings.

What means private tasting or wine tasting in villas?

It is a game or even better fun lessons about wine, glasses, decanters, food pairing and Cyprus culture.
We start with unique Cyprus wines –

Xynistery Tsangrides winery-Lemona Paphos
Traditional grape variety with refreshing aromas of fresh lemon grass, lemon and white flowers. Alcohol is low 11% , acidity is medium plus and body is medium this make this elegant wine easy to be drunk alone or to be pairing with starters. I have always with me at wine tasting events a nice homemade Halloumi and fresh bread to connect with this Xynistery.

Playa White Oenou Yi- Ktima Vassiliades – Omodos, Limassol
White wine blend of Xynistery, Malaga and Asyrtiko aromatic white wine- peach, bananas, grapefruit are the aromas and the same appears as a mouth taste. Alcohol go higher typical for hot country as Cyprus 12,5% vol. , acidity is high and body medium with bitter after taste. I prefer to taste this wine with unsalted Anari cheese and fresh figs or fresh mandarins.

Sauvignon Blanc –Oinopiou Ekfrasis –Chandria, Limassol
It is my favorite Sauvignon Blanc different of all more herbal notes and petrol and very little flowery notes but his nice acidity and 12% alc. make your mouth refresh and ready for food, it is easy to get a nice fillet of fish or chicken with any garlic sauce and to be in love with this wine. We make wine tasting events just with some nibbles and to connect well we always add some luntza (Cypriot ham) to the food patter.

What we usually taste in our wine tasting events?

Two white wines, two rose wines and one red wine from Cyprus from different villages, different altitude, and different soil and with different wine techniques. As we are drinking we get the technique to taste proper some very unique sites of wine and wine making. We get knowledge about Indigital grape varieties of Cyprus and International grape varieties react differently in Cyprus.
We use two types of glasses as to understand how the glasses make difference – Chef Sommelier glasses for wine tasting for white wine and red wine.

Rose wines of 2019 were:

Tsangarides winery Rose, Lemona, Paphos –Shiraz grape variety really aromatic rose with nice strawberry, rose and bubblegum aromas, wine is dry easy drinking and food pairing was unique with chocolate biscuits and Cyprus delight with rose flavors.
Oinopiou Ekfrasis Rose, Chandria, Limassol – Mavro grape variety ,wine is medium dry with aromas of strawberry , cherry ,caramel and red currant in the mouth the wine has full body , long after taste , little residual sugar which is going to be best food match with Asian food or any garlic sauces which we usually have in the fish meze in Cyprus.

Red wine

choice is the most difficult but knowing about hot summer in Cyprus we had two different wines, when was 20-25oC we use:
Maratheftiko Organic from Tsangarides winery traditional grape for Cyprus and best aromatic and flavor at Paphos area for me. The wine has long ageing potential with aromas of red currant, cherries, and mint and cloves spices. Herbal taste and long finish gives the wine this romantic connection with heavy meat that all meat goes perfect with it.
Oinopiou Ekfrasis Onar 2017, Chandria , Limassol -Cabernet Franck .
Wine tasting notes: Aromas of black cherry, blue berries, chocolate and lavender, palate is dry and with flavors of blue berries, caramel, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Medium acidity, medium tannins with long finish and make this wine extraordinary and the best is to be drunk cold.
Food and wine: Any salty cheese and fruits even jam of fruits will be best part of pairing, beef with sauce of wild mushrooms and fresh pepper, oily fish and spaghetti Bolognese.
Serving temperature 14-16oC and you will enjoy it in the hot summer days in Cyprus.

I hope you like my little trip around Cyprus. When you read you cannot enjoy this aromas of wine and food around me and all happy faces of my friends enjoying our wine tasting at villas with private Sommelier me myself Gery Nikolova ,but I hope I see you soon in my company ……

Have great days; enjoy your holidays and Christmas parties. Drink responsible……
Thank you to our friends supporting us :
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Wine tasting in your villas or house 2

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