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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Aphrodite wine- Cyprus wines

cyprus wine

Cyprus wines

In the island of Aphrodite has wines from more than 5000 years. Cyprus is a sunny and beautiful country with high tourism and agriculture industry. We have five regions and seventh wine routes.

The Fifth Cyprus wine regions are:

Vouni Panaya- Ambelitis
Krasohoria- Limassol

The Seventh Cyprus wine routes are:

Laona- Akamas
Vouni Panaya- Ambelitis
Diarizos Valley
Krasohoria- Limassol
Lefkosia (new from 2014)

Can you taste quality wines in Cyprus?

Yes, I am leaving in Cyprus for more than nine years. When you walk into a wine shop, you may feel like you have set foot on another planet. Nobody seems to be speaking a language that you understand…, but if you are guest for the first time on the island that can explain it.
What we have to know about Cyprus wines before we come on the island?
Most of the wine labels contain grape variety, the company or winery name and wine area PDO (AOC).

We have to know that most growing white grape variety is Xinistery. Xinistery is a white grape variety with refreshing aromas of lemon, green grass, white flower and grapefruit. We can find dry, medium-dry and sweet wines from Xinistery.

Spourtiko is a white grape variety with low alcohol levels. It is not a very aromatic wine. It can easily pair with food and is a dry wine.

Morokanella is an aromatic white wine. Very rarely to be found into a wine shop. It has cinnamon, pineapple and peach aromas.
Best choice in Cyprus is rose wines.

The wines from Maratheftiko are more dark roses, but they are dry and full-body wines. We are always happy with aromas of blueberries, blue currant and violet.

Shiraz grape variety makes the rose wines very soft and lollypop style. The wines are dry with dark salmon colour. Some of them are needing decanting. The best food pairing is Fish and meat mezes.

Red grape varieties

The wine is usually limited. This wine displays dark plum and berry fruits with a subtle hint of cedar oak. The palate is medium-bodied and rounded, with a lengthy finish. Check Tzaikkas winery and Gerolemo winery.

Maratheftiko is considered to be the best red Cypriot variety and can compete with the noble foreigners. It has excellent maturation possibilities in the oak barrel as well as ageing in the bottle. Its grapes when ripened in the appropriate soil climate. It can give rich wines with soft tannins and characteristic aromas of cherry and black chocolate. Check Vouni Panayia winery  and Tsangarides winery.

For more information about Cyprus wines and wine-tastings Wine-Delivery Gergana Nikolova 00357/ 96393448.

Aphrodite wine- Cyprus wines

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