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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Astoria Estate Wines. What means quality Italian wines?

Astoria Estate

Giorgio Polegato Astoria Estate is founded 1987. It is modern company with perfect designed bottles with whole team designers. Eco and bio production is what they made their company looking in the future. Veneto is the city of wine, fantastic food and fashion. Nestled at the foot of the upper Treviso hills, along the provincial route 38 Conegliano-Pieve di Soligo in Crevada, in historic heart of DOCG Prosecco zone. It is home of the best known export sparkling wine Prosecco.

What kind of Prosecco they make?

I met on a Professional Master wine class at “Wine and More” in Paphos, Giorgio Polegato owner of Astoria wines about a week ago.
First wine I try “Cava Vittorino” Prosecco DOCG
I have taste “Cava Vittorino” Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG “Rive di Refrontolo” –Brut sparkling wine Vintage. The wine is fine, elegant and smooth with long after taste with pale yellow colour and intense aromas of fresh cut grass, white flowers, peach and pear. The alcohol level is 11%Vol. and the sugar is 8.00-10.00 g/l, the wine is easy drinking and easy to be pair with food because its high acidity.
“Gaggiandre” Prosecco DOC BIO
astoria winesThe second sparkling wine makes me even keener on his wines – “Gaggiandre” Prosecco DOC BIO (Organic Sparkling wine). Wine with tropic refresh aromas of bananas and mango with low alcohol 10, 5% Vol. , extra dry with higher acidity so complex sparkling wine will be pair perfect with soft unsalted cheese and fruit platter.
Both wines I will served child out to 5-6oC
Can we have Prosecco Rose?
“Fashion Victim” Rose, Astoria
We will wait another one year to call this rose Prosecco. It is a blend between Glera and 5% Pinot Noir. Wine is extra dry with medium plus acidity, low alcohol 10.5% Vol. This wine has aromas of peach, grapefruit and hints of blue currant; it is complexed wine with long after taste which will be a nice touch with some seafood salad next to the sea but be careful served child and with a lot ice in the ice-bucket.
Astoria EstateI would like to continue in a second story about this unique winery –Astoria official product of “Giro D’Italia”.
In a few days will talk about white wines of Astoria and the different aromas which make all wine lovers in love with them.

Astoria Estate Wines. What means quality Italian wines?

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