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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Astoria Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

How was born Sauvignon Blanc?

Aromas of tomatoes leaves

The Sauvignon Blanc grape traces its origins to western France in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux Regions. The research suggests it may have descended from savaging. The Family of Astoria is the Carmenere. And in the 18th century, the vine paired with Cabernet Franc to parent the Cabernet Sauvignon vine in Bordeaux.

What should we know about Astoria?

The grape has a green colour, medium acidity and medium alcohol. The aromas of  are from lime and fennel to passionfruit and lemongrass. The limestone soil is the rich and perfect set of dath wine.

The top 5 white selling grape for the last 5 years

The aromatic spectre of Sauvignon Blanc is very big. Bordeaux has a bouquet of lime and tarragon. In the USA the aromas of the wine are peach and melon. New Zealand is the top-selling is with extratropical aromas of passion fruits and wet stones.

Food and Wine pairing

If you want to enjoy a fresh salad with avocado and seafood, Sauvignon Blanc with adding extra tropical spices to your meal. Herbal aromas  are ideal wine to pair with pasta and pizza. Enjoy glass next to the sea with oysters and Good Company.



My best summer

I will go with Veneto. May be will be too romantic but I would like to enjoy fresh tomatoes leaves aromas and pineapple after taste with shrimps risotto.


The wine is the best value for money. You will do great deal of buying this Sauvignon Blanc. The mint aromas are extra fresh for starters with blue cheese, fruits and nuts.

Best breakfast

Sunday mornings usually start with a branch or late breakfast. One recipe for successful Sunday morning-glass Sauvignon Blanc, one avocado, one toast, butter and mozzarella with pesto. Try it with a smile, good reggae music and funny book.

Synonyms of Sauvignon Blanc

The wine is also known under the synonyms Beyaz Sauvignon, Blanc Doux, Blanc Fume, Bordeaux bianco, Douce blanche, Feher Sauvignon, Feigentraube, Fie, Fie dans le Neuvillois, Fume, Fume Blanc, Fume Surin, Genetin, Gennetin and …….

Tasting notes

When we first view Sauvignon Blanc, Astoria we can see greenness in the light straw yellow colour. The wine is white dry wine with medium intensity of the colour.

The very first aromas are herbal notes and second aromas are tropical fruits bouquet. I am surprised of the fresh-cut tomatoes leaves aromas which send me back in my childhood.

The taste with its medium acidity and medium body make the wine very easy and refreshing white wine. Enjoy the soft feeling of the wine with food, and don’t forget we have 12% alcohol. I will give you advice first have a glass of wine on an empty stomach. Because like this you will feel the long and pineapple after the taste of the wine.

Astoria Sauvignon Blanc

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