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Palomino and Cyprus

palomino cyprus

What is Palomino?

Let’s talk about tradition. Palomino is a grape variety of Spain. The main grape of production Sherry.

What are the most interesting facts about Palomino?

The best-selling grape variety in Spain is Palomino. Sherry is producing in a variety of styles made from the Palomino grape. Starting from light versions like white table wines, such as Manzanilla and Fino. Continuing with to darker and heavier versions- oxidated or aged in barrels. You can find in Amontillado and Oloroso. Sweet dessert wines are also made from a blend of Palomino-based Sherries.

The History of Palomino and Sherry

Jerez has been a centre of viniculture since wine-making introduced to Spain in 1100 BC. The practice has been carrying on by the Romans when they took control of Iberia around 200 BC. And led to the development of brandy and fortified wine.

Renamed as Sherry

During the Moorish period, the town renamed Sherish. Sherry and Jerez get their main history. Wine production continued through five centuries of Muslim rule. In 966, Al-Hakam II, the second Caliph of Córdoba, ordered the destruction of the vineyards. Yet the inhabitants of Jerez appealed. The vineyards also produced raisins to feed the empire’s soldiers.

Production style

After the fermentation process, we add a spirit of grape to increase alcohol levels. That procedure we call fortified wine. Suitable for ageing as Fino and Manzanilla until they reach a total alcohol content of 15.5 per cent by volume.


As they age in a barrel, they develop a layer of the floor. That helps protect the wine from excessive oxidation. Those wines that have classified to undergo ageing are Oloroso with at least 17 % vol alc. They do not develop floor and so oxidize as they age, giving them a darker colour.

Because the fortification takes place after fermentation, most Sherries are dry. And the sweet wines have made with adding sweetness later on.

How do we make than Port wines?

They have fortified halfway through its fermentation. Which stops the process so that do not all sugar is turning into alcohol.

What are we need to know about Cyprus and Sherry?


In 1960 Cyprus was the third worldwide producer of Sherry.
Cyprus has same climate as Spain. The soils of Cyprus are mainly clay and limestone.

Best soils of Spain for production of Sherry is Albariza.
It is the lightest soil (alba means white) and the best for growing Palomino grapes. It contains between 30 and 80 per cent chalk, the rest is a mix of limestone, clay and sand.
Sherry and Cyprus was brand of best-selling product till 2006. Nowadays EU has strong definitions of producing Sherry.
Sherry is fortified wine made from white grapes grown in Jerez. That typically ageing and blending in a network of casks. This casks are called a Solera.
For sweet Sherry can be grown in Montilla-Moriles, but it should be producing in Jerez.

Palomino and Cyprus

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