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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

How to be good with the wines at a restaurant or at a party?

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Part 3

Food and Wine connecting bridge

When we are thinking about wine and food first we have to think about main rules.
Food that is consumed with wine has an effect on the way a wine tastes, and wine can also have an effect on the taste of food.
In simple terms there are two components in food (sweetness and Umami) that tend to make wines taste ‘harder’(more astringent and bitter, more acidic, less sweet and less fruity), and two components (salt and acid) whose presence in food tends to make wines taste ‘softer’ (less astringent and bitter, less acidic, sweeter, and more fruity). Generally, food has more impact on the way a wine will taste than the other way round, and in particular is more likely to have a negative impact.
Sweetness in Food:
Sweetness in a dish can make a dry wine seem to lose its fruit and be unpleasantly acidic.
Sweet wine – with sweet food, cannot make mistake.

Umami in Food:

Umami is savoury taste, and is coming from other primary tastes although it can be difficult to isolate. Can be founded at the flavors of dried mushrooms, and these include asparagus, eggs, rice and soft cheeses. I like to say my favorite salty food; I imagine my grandma cornmeal mush eggs with feta cheese. These include cured or smoked seafood and meats, and hard cheeses (especially Permesan).
Umami food- with wines those are more fruity than tannic.

Acidity in Food:

Some acidity in food is generally a good thing for food and wine pairing; it can make high acidity wines in balance and enhance the fruitiness.
Acidity food- with low acidity wine can make wine seem flabby, flat and lacking focus.

Salt in Food:

Salt is another friend of the wine which helps to soften some of the harder elements.
Salty food- with wines those are high acidity.
Bitterness in Food:
Sensitivity to bitter tastes varies greatly from person to person.

Chilly in the food increase bitterness, acidity and alcohol burn.

Chilly food- will be best combination with sweet wine, chilly decrease sweetness.

Those are the main rules at pairing wine and food. Soon will continuing with more indeed information. is our online cava and will give you advises about wine, wine and food and best wines on the market. Online cava will make wine events to meet wine lovers and friends.

How to be good with the wines at a restaurant or at a party?

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