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Chateau Burgozone Boutique Bulgarian winery

chateau burgozone

Chateau Burgozone

Boutique Bulgarian winery

The History

Burgozone means an ancient Roman forest and is located on the Danube River.

It is a family modern winery planted in an area renowned for millennia for wine production.

Burgozone is known internationally and having medaled at prestigious internationals wine competitions: Grand Gold Medal for a Bulgarian wine from the Competition Mondial   in Brussels and first Bulgarian wine awarded 91 points by Wine Enthusiast.

The Location

Chateau Burgozone is located on the 43rd parallel North. PGI Danube Plain in the North:

Vineyards are facing Romania on the banks of the Danube, the largest river in Europe. Near to Oryahovo town and has two hours and half driving to Sofia.

Tradition of wine producers

Bulgaria was one of the earliest wine producers in the world, a fact attested by artifacts dating to 4000 BC.

First Roman laws designed to protect the vineyards of Moesia Inferior (North Bulgaria) in 2nd century CE.

Bulgaria was 4th wine worldwide exporter in 1970.

Now a day Bulgaria has 260 wineries with 67000 hectares of vineyards and 1.6 million hectoliters of wine- 9th in Europe and 21st in worldwide biggest producer.

Bulgaria is a country with beautiful mountains , clean waters (more than 120 mineral different water) , roses giving the best rose butter, what we will say about indigital  grape variety Gamza , Tamyanka, Pamid, Dimyat, Buket, Mavrud, Rubin, Ruen, Evmolpia, Melnik 82, Cabernet Franc and many others varieties.

I would like to meet you with Gamza and Tamyanka typical grape varieties for North Bulgaria.

Gamza (Kadarka)

We can have red dry wine or desert red wine.

Colour– dark ruby

Aromas– of red berries fruit, dominated of raspberry and lighter aromas of resin

Body – medium body, perfect structure and complexity.

Recommended food: vegetarian food with tomatoes sauces or pastas Bolognese

Tamyanka-  Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains

We can have white med sweet wine or white dry wine.

Colour– light gold

Aromas– white pepper, freesia, and rose

Body – medium to full body wine with unique complexity of white fruits flavors and long green finish.

Recommended food- green salad, sushi, chicken and cheeses

I hope it was a nice trip around North Bulgarian vineyards and Chateau Burgozone wines.

More info Gergana Nikolova


Chateau Burgozone Boutique Bulgarian winery

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