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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

What do we have to know about sparkling wine Prosecco?

sparkling wine

What do we have to know about sparkling wine Prosecco?

 Where is it made?

Veneto and Fruili North Italy and has 15000 acres.

What grape variety is Prosecco?

Glera, also known as sparkling wine Prosecco, is a white variety of grape of Slovenian origin, which was brought to the village of Prosecco from Slovenia’s Karst region.

Profile – It is a fruity sparkling wine, light body, mostly dry, high acidity and medium alcohol levels.

Flavours typical for Prosecco are green apple, honey melon, pear, honeysuckle and cream.

Sweetness levels

Brut   0-12g/l up to half gram of sugar per glass

Extra dry  12-17g/l over half gram of sugar per glass

Dry  17-32g/l up to one gram of sugar per glass

Quality levels

Prosecco – the most common.

Prosecco Superiore – a higher quality level based on production standards

Conegliano Valdobbiadene and Colli Asolani –two extraordinary Prosecco subregions offering single vintage Prosecco wines.

Astoria Prosecco DOC Treviso Italy – price online for bottle 18.00 euro + free delivery minimum 6 bottles.

Lamarca Prosecco DOSG Cuvee  Italy in top 10 best Prosecco- price online for bottle 28.00 euro + free delivery minimum 6 bottles.

Food and wine pairing

Green ……- I will do Prosecco with green salad with fruits, avocado fresh salmon, veggies noodles, sushi rolls and fruit salads.

Prosecco is easy drinking sparkling wine good for starters, soft main dishes or fruits.

Mostly we drink it fresh we have rarely vintage Prosecco and even I will give you advice drink Prosecco fresh.

What we have to know when we buy Prosecco try to buy only from cavas or wine shops. I will trust only people with wine knowledge. I cannot trust supermarkets which mostly will store their wines on the shelves long time standing and usually with a lot of sunlight. And we have to be careful about the temperature which is around any bottle of wine – cannot be too high and humidity is the second thing which can destroy any good wine.

What is the good price for Prosecco? We are in Cyprus most of the price are little bit more high than Europe than min 8 euro to maximum 40 euro per bottle.

Thank you to be with me Gergana Nikolova and the most common drinking sparkling wine from 2013-2017.



What do we have to know about sparkling wine Prosecco?

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