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My suggestion for week 16-23.07.2020 & outstanding wines for new week Best price

My suggestion

As Sommelier and by I would meet you with the best prices wines for this week. 3 outstanding wines with lower prices and free delivery all Cyprus if you order at least 6 bottles. Delivery in 48 hours near to you pay on delivery. We use Travel Express for all Cyprus and for Polis, Latchi and Argaka delivery to your house.

1. Ekfraseis winery – Xynistery 2019 PDO Limassol- Chandria village

Boutique winery on the higher eastern slopes of Troodos Mountain with diverse soils of Pitsilia region. It will give us another view of Xynistery grape.
We have a lighter medium intense straw yellow colour.
The aromas of 2019 are much more tropical and intense. We can feel white guava, green apple, pineapple and even peach with slight hints of citrus and lemon verbena.
The palate is dry with medium acidity, full body and higher alcohol. The wine will need food because of its balanced aromas and high alcohol levels. We can enjoy the guava and green caramelized apple as second aromas and flavours coming from the winemaking technics. We have part oak fermentation which gives extra life of the wine.
The wine is refreshing and seriously balanced which open with swirling in the glass.
Food pairing – oysters, fried red mulled and grill fillet of red snapper with caramelized onions.

PRICE FOR THE WEEK- 12.00 euros

2. Rose Cote du Danube Chateau Burgozone 2017

Boutique winery on the coast of Danube with its cooler climate and alluvial soils produce excellent wines with long life at the bottle.
The colour of the wine is salmon with a lighter rim and medium viscosity.
The aromas of this powerful Cabernet and Shiraz blend are strawberry, plums, wind redcurrant and velvet violet. The aromas are open with every sniff we can easily detect the sweet spices of cinnamon and caramel.
We have dry rose wine with medium-plus tannins, medium-plus acidity and full body. If you like full body red wines I will give you advice use chilled out that wine in your summer hot days. And you will enjoy the full-mouth taste through your sunny hot days and it will pair your grill meat extraordinary. The barbeque was as excited as we pair it with Rose blend from Cote du Danube.
The palate has fruit and sweet spices flavours getting liable for the plump after taste.
Food pairing- barbeque meat, lamb chops, grill wild mushrooms and garlic pita bread with Cypriot olives.

PRICE FOR THE WEEK -8.99 euros

3. Premium Chateau Burgozone “Sauvignon Blanc”2017

We can go deeper with excellent premium series of Burgozone and the sur lees method for keep longer the refreshing aromas and balanced. As we have known that the best climate for Sauvignon Blanc is continental and cooler. The vines are 10 years old low yield and it was transferred from Loire Valley.
The wine has green straw colour with medium minus viscosity.
The aromas of the wine give as additional minerality oneness with fruit aromas of green pear, pineapple, passionfruit and honey cycle.
If you feel elderflower you are right that unique aromas are from the sur lees ageing which we have for 6 months.
Hand-picked grapes and wild fermentation open the flavours of tropical fruits and herbal notes.
Food pairing -The outstanding wine pairing will be with a pan-fried fillet of turbot, pan-fried scallops or seafood pasta.

PRICE FOR THE WEEK- 14.99 euro

If you are a wine lover looking for a new type of outstanding wines take our week advice. will explore the hidden wine-tasting world for you.

My suggestion for week 16-23.07.2020 & outstanding wines for new week Best price

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