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Portugal wine-tasting from Bairrada with William Wouters

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As a professional sommelier part of Cyprus Sommelier Association, I have been participating in several wine-tasting trainings and I would like to meet you with my favorite wines. Portuguese wines from Bairrada amaze me with its quality and elegance. Filipa Pato and William Wouters  and their biodynamic farming benefits Baga, Bical, Arinto, and Cerical and Maria Gomes grapes. As they call themselves terroirista, we can discover why? -with a glass of Without Make-up

What do we have to know about Portuguese wines?

Preserving local biodiversity and tradition Portuguese wineries are looking for treasure spot with its indigenous varieties. Many of the grapes are known in different regions and areas by their traditional, local names. And behind tradition all new wineries are fully equipped as they should be in 21 century.

Terroirista means -terroir and legacy of Baga

Let’s say it more clearly. Terroirista is all prerequisites for outstanding wines -cooler breeze by Atlantic Ocean, east facing slopes, limestone soils, biodynamic farming, indigenous grape varieties and enthusiastic winemaker.

Filipa Pato and William Wouters

Filipa Pato’s family has been making wines in Bairrada since the 18th century. Her grandfather Joao, was first to produce bottle wine in Bairrada DOC. Her father dream was to make Baga grape international recognizable as high quality grape. Filipa Pato and William Wouters is a magical wife and husband collaboration. William Wouters is Best Sommelier of Belgium 1992 and honorary president BSG/GSB.

Wine-tasting notes of Without Make-up

First wine is 100% Bical Nossa Calcario This white wine has light yellow straw colour with medium viscosity. The aroma of the wine remained me of roasted asparagus with white creamy sauce and white truffles. Smokiness of the wine is excellent influence of the limestone soils. Minerality of the wine portray the Atlantic breeze. All hints of pears are coming from the outstanding characteristic of Bical. Wine has high acidity with an excellent potential of ageing. The palate is balanced between the smoky aromas and tropical flavours. I would like to taste Bical with Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach Blue Cheese and Bacon or Portobello Mushrooms with fresh herbs and blue cheese. You can have it with veal, pork and steam fresh grouper.

Without Make-up Nossa Calcario 100% Baga

Intense ruby colour wine with huge aromas. I was so excited of the pure intensity of forest black currant, violet and white strawberries that was appreciate the smoot hints of cigar leaves, dark chocolate and cacao nibs. The palate remained me melon, forest fruit, strawberry and fresh lemon verbena smoothie that balanced the aromas and gives me appetite for beef stake. The flavors of dark chocolate and cigar leaves are very smoot and elegant. We wine-tasting full body wine with high tannins and high acidity with long fruity finish. I would be happy to drink Baga with fruits and dry old cheese and nuts. You can have this wine with veal, beef, pork and game. Ageing will bring the wine to the pedestal next to Bordeaux wines and Piamonte wines, you can have it in your cellar next 20 years.

What else do we have to wine-tasting from Bairrada?

Do not lose the chance to try sparkling wine from Filipa Pato and William Wouters, you will enjoy the Baga elegant forest aromas and the dry palate. If you are rose sparkling wine lover you will be amazed, the traditional method of producing this wine give you the opportunity to have quality sparkling wine for good price. Biodynamic farming gives to the wine new legacy to the Bairrada. The article will have one more part because of the uniqueness of Without Make-up. I would be happy if you write me comment of suggesting me articles. Thanks to the Cyprus Sommelier Association , Wine and more by French Depot and William Wouters for the brilliant wine-tasting training.      
Portugal wine-tasting from Bairrada with William Wouters

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