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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

My wine-tastings 2020-Makarounas boutique winery

makarounas winery

My weekly wine experience finished with the newest boutique winery in Paphos and more precisely in Vouni Panayia- Ambelitis region. We met our new friend Theodoros and we had amazing wine-tasting of Makarounas new vintages for 2020.

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What does Makarounas make different from the other wineries in the region?

This question is very tricky, we will show you the mission of every winery in Cyprus and how they do it in a different way.
Makarounas winery has the soil of the excellent minerality and saltiness which I call simply silver silk soil- it is called mica. And that soils are created on the seafloor. Cyprus is a unique island with a lot of special soils because it was formed by a volcano which sent the sea soils on the top of the newly formed island.

What do we find in the wines we taste?

I was very impressed by the aromatic profile of Spourtiko which usually has very neutral aromas and low body. We taste the wine and we see the sur lees ageing it was the best knowledgeable solution of exploring the hidden aromas of the variety.
The wine has white flower aromas, asparagus, and old Balkan plums with additional herbal notes of Cyprus salvia. The body of the wine is medium and we still have very low alcohol wine with elegant acidity. Perfect wine match will be olives, pita bread and village salad with oregano.

What do we think about the new promising variety?

Morokanella- single vineyards
The vineyard is Katapani, on the slope where the soils are clay and limestone-based. The vine are young and the harvested starts at the end of September.
We have cold maturation for 24 hours and then oak maturation for three months.
The wine is extraordinary a year after the releasing on the market. I believe that the wine will open and developed in the next 3-5 years. If you are looking for wine which can make a good profit after ageing in the bottle that is one of the best choices.

What do we find in the red wines?

En Archi- Cabernet Franc and Shiraz
The vines of Cabernet Franc are situated on the edge of a cliff with 30 years of history and 25 years for the vines of Shiraz. The soils are clay and limestone and the harvesting starts in late August.
The wine is fruity with a med body and med tannins ready to be drunk immediately. Very elegant acid of the wine it will give opportunity to be pair with a lot of food with tomatoes sauces. Outstanding match with margarita pizza and saganaki with shrimps.

Why do we make wine-tastings around the wineries every year?

First I want to thank you for the hospitality and the wine experience. We make research every year for our Private wine tastings. And we try to get the new style wines in the tastings and to meet our customers’ expectations of a boutique experience.
We are happy to live on the beautiful Cyprus Island with extraordinary wineries.
For wine-tasting reservations Gergana Nikolova 00357/96393448.
For info about the Makarounas
For information about Cyprus Sommelier Association view Facebook page Cyprus Sommelier Association.

My wine-tastings 2020-Makarounas boutique winery

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