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My wine-tastings 2020- Tsalapatis winery

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We start our journey the week first of Paphos destruction made to be learning week of Cyprus Sommelier Association Even if I am travelling only with my friend we are going through the trip of Sommelier roads for the new wine vintages.

Tsalapatis winery

The owner Andreas Chrysostomou has a unique character and his passion make me in love with its wines. The winery has its grapes from Arodes village, Polemi village and Stroumpi village. It is situated in Vouni Panayia- Ambelitis and in Laona Akamas region. Why do I write about two regions? First, if you have winery only 5 km from Letymbou village we should have all influences of Letymbou region -Vouni Panayia-Ambelitis. Second, the winery use grapes from three villages that means we have the influences of the villages’ microclimate and soils.

We start with Sauvignon Blanc and the different character of it depend on the soil and microclimate. Andreas was very helpful to explain to us how the Arodes Sauvignon Blanc has the green aromatic specter of asparagus and white guava. And on the other hand Sauvignon Blanc of Polemi has tropical fruits aromas. The soils of the two vineyards are deferent and they contain diverse minerality.
Andreas and his winery have three different soils to adapt in his wines which is the art of winemaking to get the best of them and make excellent wine. The soils of the vineyards are limestone, black soils- with heavy minerality and red soils-best to produce Shiraz grape.
I am entering an amazing region Vouni Panayia – Ambelitis with a lot of respect to all winemakers. Because I am getting deeper in this small region. And I see every plot of the vineyards has diverse soils and microclimate. The mist of Stroumpi in the summer days are unique. If you drive from Paphos to Polis Chrisouhous at 7-8 pm you can have mist- light rain or a collection of very small drops of water in the air that is like a fog. This fogs or mist which we can see in the spring and summer helps the vines to hydrated and chilled out. And like this, we have ripened grapes with unusual aromatic spectators.
If you are a wine lover you have to come here and make a trip around the regions of Vouni Panayia-Abilities and Laona Akamas.
I will write a lot of new wine tasting note about Tsalapatis winery next week. But first I was happy to meet you with the diverse soils and microclimate of the vineyards of the winery.

For info about Tsalapatis winery write to Andreas at
Thank you, my dear friends, and let’s know more about the wines of Cyprus.

My wine-tastings 2020- Tsalapatis winery

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