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New Wine menu of Polis Herb Garden & Restaurant in Polis Chrisouhous

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Alina wine -Vouni Panayia winery PDO Paphos

It is situated in the region of Vouni Panayia -Ambelitis in 1100m sea level. The vineyards have been growing their vines last 100years. The soils are mostly limestone and clay, the climate of the region is moderate. The temperature of the region has been between 15-25C all year ago.
The wine has a straw yellow and clear colour. The viscosity has been medium with faster tears going through the glass.
Aromas of the wine are typical for Xynistery grape. It has lemon zest, stone fruits, white flower and herbal aromas notes of lemon verbena showing the limestone soils.
The taste of the Alina wine has a medium body with 12% alc. and higher acidity which shows and opens additional citrus flavours of grapefruit and pergamont. You can have lemon verbena cold fresh tea from the garden with a lemon slice and you will see how close the aromas and the taste with wine are.
Food and wine pairing
I will give you the advice to try it with Moussaka-meat or with Stuffed with rice and vegetables with fry potatoes. The high acidity needs fatty food to soften it and the food has to be balanced with wine with the same power to be in an excellent relationship.



vouni panayias


Vasilikon winery –PDO Paphos

It is situated in the region of Laona-Akamas. The region has a unique range of soils from limestone, clay to sand and white chalk soils. The area of Natura 2000 has a huge variety of herbs and flowers.
The wine has a light straw yellow colour with green hints. We have a clear colour with medium viscosity and long tears after several swirling.
Aromas of the wine are typical for this flowery range area. We can feel lemon zest, edelweiss, citrus blossom and lemon balm tea leaves. If you would like to smell the lemon balm you can enjoy a walk in the herb garden.
The wine is dry with medium acidity and full body. The alcohol level of the wine is high and they give the opportunity to explore the citrus aromas. The taste of the wine is lemon balm tea leaves, citrus sorbet, mango and unripe banana-which opens slowly and ripen with the ageing in the bottle.
Food and wine pairing
Polis Herb Garden salad with its sautéed salmon needs a wine with elegant acidity and balanced alcohol and body to go through the flavours. Vasilikon white wine is an ideal fellow with the honey sauce which connect perfectly with the mango taste. The acidity helps the food to be softer and elegant in the combination with the salad and the wine. You can pair Vasilikon with mushroom with thyme, grill chicken with Dianne sauce or Vegetarian Moussaka.




Zambartas Xynistery- single-vineyard PDO Limassol

It is situated in Krasohoria Limassol. It is the oldest wine regions in Cyprus. The soils of the vineyard are volcanic, limestone and clay.
The wine has a yellow colour with lighter salmon hints. The legs of the Xynistery after it is swirling the glass are long and faster, which show us dryness and high alcohol.
Aromas of the wine are much more herbal then citrus, but the acidity is also medium. We have a nose of fennel, lemon balm, lemon verbena, orange blossom and wet tomatoes leaves.

Zambartas Xynistery



New Wine menu of Polis Herb Garden & Restaurant in Polis Chrisouhous

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