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What and Where in Polis, Latchi and Argaka

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Where you can find information about Polis Chrisouhous, Latchi and Argaka?

Usually coming in Polis you need to ask many people for the area and it is not always the answer we are looking for. Tourist information should be contemporary. Your guide in our beautiful area is Polis tourism. What we can find in the guide? We can find a place to stay, what we can do in the area, place to eat, what services we can find, shops in the town and information about the weather, buses, and taxis.

Where I can book my holiday?

Reliable companies for accommodations are:
Luxuries Latchi Villas  – You can find luxuries villas. They have 24-hour services and many extras. The personal touch and welcome is part of their philosophy.
Akamanthea Holiday Village  – They are offering many different accommodation packages. The complex has inside and outside pools, restaurant, bars, animation and 24-hour reception.
Aphrodite Beach  – The Aphrodite Beach Hotel is the ideal location for people looking for a warm and peaceful place where it is all about the guests and a treat for their souls and hearts. The surrounding nature is a big part of the food for souls as it is very pure. It is a place where the clear turquoise sea, meets the strong energy of the hills and the rocks of the Akamas National Park.
Goudi –Elpidas Stone Houses &WineTesting
All year you can enjoy your stay at beautiful stone houses with professional service. Goudi is a village in the Chrysochous valley of the Pafos district nestled on the banks of River Tzelepis. It is situated 100 meters above sea level and is spread over a mild hillside between 60 and 120 meters.Cereals, pulses, tobacco, vegetables, vines, citrus, almonds, olives and carobs are grown in the area. One olive press still working in the village. Goudi is linked to the south and southeast with the villages of Holli, Skoulli and to the east with the main road of Pafos – Polis. It is 6 kilometers from Polis and lies 250 meters from the river of Chrysochous.

Restaurants in the area

Polis Chrisouhous

Polis Herb Garden and Restaurant  is a restaurant with Back to Nature slogan. It has open 2500 square mitre herb garden. Guest can enjoy modern and exotic cuisine made with own herbs.
Moustakallis tavern  has been the first original and local Cypriot tavern in the area since 1978. The restaurant uses only local products from the local farmers.
Finikas restaurant- It is in the centre of the town. The old building was the first hotel in the area and it is a modern cuisine restaurant with a long history.
Best café and breakfast is at Saddles coffee and bar in the centre of Polis. It is a traditional place with personality and home-made food.
Local bar with traditional drinks and atmosphere is Costas corner café and bar. Local snacks made with love. Enjoy the tradition and personality of Maria and Costas family.

Latchi next to the beach

Porto Latchi Restaurant  has been a fish restaurant since 1984. It offers you always fresh fish from local fisherman and fresh local vegetables and fruits from own garden.
N9 Lounge and Restaurant Latchi  are new modern restaurants with a special menu and worldwide wine list. You are always welcome and surprised.

Things to do:

Mediterranean One  – glass-bottom boat: It is one of the most beautiful trips to Blue Lagoon. You can always have a fun trip with your family.

Summer days are coming soon rebook your trips with a single message on 96393448 or via e-mail and will offer you three tickets for 60 euro and a free bottle of Tsangarides wine. Prepayment is not available, payment 15 min. before the boat trip.
Wine tasting in your villa or hotel – you can book easily with sending massage on 96393448 Gergana or via e-mail or trip advisor .

Welcome to Cyprus

What and Where in Polis, Latchi and Argaka

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