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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Wine and Dine at your villa

wine and dine

Wine and Dine at your holiday villa. It collaborates with Chef Adam’s professional chef with international experience and Gergana Nikolova’s professional sommelier.

History of our companies.

Private wine tasting from has been working successfully since 2019.
My name is Gergana Nikolova. Since 2010 after my graduation in Bulgaria as a professional Sommelier, my dream was to do business with outstanding wines and good food.
I pass several certificates in WSET, ASI, and Master Classes throughout all these years. And now I am writing professionally for online magazines, importers and wineries.
My company is made for my clients for their needs and desire. We worked on our wine list thought all winter season, and we tasted and searched for new wineries in Cyprus.
The wineries we worked with are boutique and small; we try to support our area and wineries in Cyprus as much as possible.
Chef Adam is one of the most passionate chefs I have ever met. The idea for wine and dine was from our outstanding partners, Luxury Latchi villas, as they had many requests for such as event.

What exactly do we mean by wine and dine with a professional team?

All wine and dine is 3 hours of preparation of cooking, cooking and wine tasting.
 For the first hour:

You have a wine tasting with Gergana Nikolova with five wines of Cyprus plus a fruit and cheese platter.

You have wine and food matching Adam’s outstanding barbeque and dips in the next two hours.
The second part:
It will meet all the different opinions of the Chef and Sommelier as teamwork. You will enjoy many stories and interesting facts about food and wine. You can find your passion rather in cooking or in drinking amazing wines. We bring happy moments and positive vibes all your stay with us.

How much does it cost?

You will pay 45 euros per adult for wine tasting and 45 euro per adult for your five-course meal. For kids, you pay half of the price from 6 years old, and they are free from 0-6 years old.
The five-course meal includes two fresh-made dips, salad, grilled fresh sea bass, steak, and whole chicken barbeque.
We will bring at least one bottle of wine per person. You will have lessons about wine tasting and wine & food matches. We will bring professional glasses, decanters, ice boxes, fruit & cheese plater  and min five bottles of wine.
The Minimum number of required people at our wine and dine is 2.
Minimum you will get five bottles of wine closed and opened specially for you.
All serving and preparing table is included in our services.

How can you order your wine and dine-tasting with our team?

Please send us a request at or 00357 96393448, or you can also send us requests through our site. Minimum 24 hours of preordering required.
Our team is professional, and we would like to welcome your desires and dreams for an amazing evening at your holiday villa in Cyprus. We are in the Paphos region and would not be able to drive far away.
Chef Adam wants to know all your allergies before we come to your villa.
Sommelier Gergana Nikolova will be happy to know your ideal wine experience in advance. For example, ‘I don’t drink red wine’- we can always change our wines to suit you.

Wine and Dine at your villa

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