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Xynistery- grape of Cyprus

grape of cyprus

What is Xynistery?

Xynistery is the most planted in Cyprus grape variety with 33% all planted vines. I call Xynistery the queen of Cyprus.

Where do we can find Xynistery?

Xynistery is growing all over the island. Vines are spread across Cyprus from Laona-Akamas West of Paphos to Lefkosia on the North East of Troodos.

What kind of soils are used?

Xynistery is planted in limestone, clay, chalk and volcanic soils. And it is growing from 300m to the highest vineyard 1460m – Petralona, Tsiakkas winery.

Profile of Xynistery


Xynistery is grape variety near to the profile of Chardonnay. Wine is dry with medium fruit aromas, medium + to high acidity, it has full body and high alcohol.

Aromas of Xynistery

aromas of xynistery

When we talk about aromas of Xynistery, we have main citrus and herbal aromas. No oak Xynistery is refreshing white wine, but when we are tasting wines with oak we see how aromas change. Wine can age after oak treatment. This treatment change the aromatic profile to tropical- quince and dry sage.

Tasting notes

No oak Xynistery

Tsangarides winery– PGI Paphos

Altitude: 400-450m
Soils: Silt loamy
The wine has a straw yellow colour with medium intensity. Aromas are so soft like a silk fabric – lemon, lemon verbena and saltiness. No oak Xynistery is fresh wine best for an aperitif and it will give you appetite for your meal. Here we have medium + acidity, medium body and 11% alcohol. If I have to pair it with food, I will have it with a fresh green salad.

Blend of Xynistery

Makarounas winery Aerides 2018 –PGI Paphos

Altitude: 400-450
Soils: Limestone and clay
The color is straw yellow with medium + intensity and gold hints. The wine is a blend of 80% Xynistery and 20% Chardonnay. Aromas developed to stone fruit aromas of peach and tropical mango. Herbal notes are chamomile and jasmine. The wine is with medium + acidity, full body and 12.5% alcohol. My best food pairing with Aerides will be musaka and pasticcio. Blends of Xynistery can stand to the fresh herbs as a best friend and help to digestion.

Maturation in oak and Sur Lie

Vouni Panayia Xynistery Microvinification, Tsiakkas Terroir Xynistery 2018, Zambartas Single Vineyard and Kyperounda winery Petridis 2018.
When we talk about development of Xynistery, we have to check Vouni Panayia winery making whole bunch fermentation of Xynistery. Ageing potential of this wine is great, the aromas are much more intense. We can detect pear, grape, pineapple and lemon balm aromas.
Tsiakkas Terroir Xinistery has new reading with ageing Xynistery for 6 months in Commandaria cask. Aromas are intense, we can feel peach, pear and herbal notes, but dry herbs sage and thyme.
Petridis Kyperounda winery also with oak maturation but with 3 months and more than 10 years’ experience- will give us develop citrus (pergamonto) and herbal note (dry chamomile and dry sage).
Zambartas Single Vineyard with another different reading about Xynistery with 6 months sur lie. This wine has great structure and notes of butter and dry nettle. You can be surprise that it is refreshing white wine but eat it with good food.

Enjoy Cyprus wines and always check about a news around them.

Xynistery- grape of Cyprus

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