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Mavro- Cypriot grape variety

cypriot grape


What is the most planted variety in Cyprus?

The dominant Cyprus grape variety is Mavro with 46% of the island vineyards. This variety is using to make Commandaria and Zivania. Mavro is bringing into play of 80% of the table wines in Cyprus.

What is the main characteristic of the grape variety?

The large berries of this late-ripening grape are growing all around the island. These grapes make low acidity, low tannin and high alcohol wines and often ripen to the end.

Profile of Mavro

Mavro has a light ruby colour with medium intensity. We can detect all fruit pro-filer of strawberry, wild cherry, rose and cinnamon. The grapes create medium body, low tannin and low acidity wines.

Where do we find Mavro in Cyprus grape?

From West of Paphos to the East of Troodos we can see beautiful examples of this Cyprus grape variety. The grape can grow on limestone, clay, chalk and volcanic soil. And the best use of it, it is in Vouni Panayia winery with 3000ha.

Roses wine from Mavro

The colour of the wine is medium dark salmon with medium intensity and opacity. The aromas are very flowery as roses, strawberry, almond blossom and thyme. The best wine example is from Pampela, Vouni Panayia winery.

Blends of Mavro

Blends of Mavro grape are developing better. The aromas here are plums, chocolate, wild cherries, black currant and thyme. You can be impressed of Tsiakkas winery and Vouni Panayia winery.
The wines have medium tannins and medium acidity. The blends can live longer and aged better.

100% Marvo


The grape has good aroma profile. The wine has low acidity and low tannins perfect to be drinking young. I can enjoy this wine even child out.
We will pairing this wine easy with homemade pasticcio or shrimps saganaki.

The oldest vineyards with Mavro

It is usual to have vineyard with 50-80 years old growing Mavro grape. Tsiakkas winery has vineyards with 80 years old vines. Vouni Panayia winery has vineyards with 70 years old vines. Don’t forget that Cyprus is one of the countries without Phylloxera.

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Mavro- Cypriot grape variety

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