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Ageing Cypriot wines


Mataro or Mourvedre

Why we have to age wines?

If we want to get the best of the wines, we have to know when are in their pick.
How do we understand which wines can age and which cannot?
Wines with potential to age are with medium plus to high acidity, high and complex tannins, with medium to high alcohol from 12.5 % alc.vol. to 15.0 % alc.vol. , wines which are having huge bouquet of aromas and they can develop with ageing and the wines should be balanced to age proper. If the wine has high sugar level as ice wines, Sauterne sweet wines, Tokay, Port, Commandaria and other, they are ageing well.
What about grape varieties? Do they have different ageing potential?
Yes, they have different ageing potential. Today I will speak about Mataro or Mourvedre. Because this part needs more resurges I will talk only for one grape variety and like this you can understand what mostly we look for having in our wine to decide ageing it.

World Mourvedre characteristic:

-High alcohol, high tannins, medium plus to high acidity

-Typical aromas- blackberries, cherry, plum, prune, black pepper, burn yard and with age leather, earthiness, baking spices and clove.

-Usually gets neutral barrel oak treatment.

Where it is mostly planted?

Originally grape variety is coming from Spain, but we can find it in South France, Australia, United States, and South Africa.
What we can learn from other countries and characteristic of their wines?

cline1. Clien, Ancient vines Mourvedre 2006- USA, Contra Costa Country, California- 86p
The wine is four years old when we make analyze:
Average price: 22.00 euro
The wine has high tannins, high acidity, 15% alc.
The wine has aromas of raspberry, strawberry, plumps really fruity aromas and some cinnamon and clove. It has palate of strawberry, oakiness, pancakes syrup and earthiness.
The wine itself is not the top experience of Mourvedre , and it is short and bitter after taste. It is not balanced, it cannot age well.

turkey flat2. Turkey flat , Mourvedre 2007- Barossa valley , Australian -93p
The wine was in French oak 18 months and it is four years old when we make analyze:
Average price: 30.00 euro
The wine has high tannins, high acidity.
The wine has aromas of raspberry, blackberry, citrus as sweets in a syrup and candy. It has palate of bright fruits, cake topping, plump, citrus and sangria fruits. Maturing will give to the wine much more dry fruits, spices and earthiness; we will give 15 years ageing of this wine.

domain tempiet3. Domain Tempier 2016, Mourvedre – France , Bandol -94p
The wine has 70% Mourvedre, it is with high acidity, high alcohol and high tannins.
The aromas of the wine are mostly old world aromas of earthiness, burn yard, burn tire, black currant and black pepper. Palate is intense classic cherry, rustic, black fruits, gaminess and all mouth taste and fullness open our senses. This wine needs heavy food, game, beef and sauces. Wine can aged well next 10 to 20 years.

4.Cyprus Mourvedre 2010, 2012 and 2015
Argyrides winery vertical tasting.Cyprus Mourvedre 2010, 2012 and 2015 Argyrides winery vertical tasting.

Aromas of the wines:

2010– Dry black fruits, currant, spices and herbal notes
2012– Forest fruits, black berries, black pepper and barnyard.
2015– Fresh black berry fruit, currant, prunus (small blue berries which you don’t eat you make a sweet compote) and vegetable characteristic.
Aromas of the wine developed with ageing and change from fresh fruits to dry fruits ,which make us really happy that the wine will be beautiful next 10 to 20 years.
Characteristic of the palate is also complex, tannins are high but soft, acidity is high and alcohol is 15% alc. vol. It has long after taste. If I have to be honest I will give 94p for this wine because shows all what we want to see from Cypriot wine- to be drinking easy because of the developed tannins and balance structure.
Argyrdes winery use 100% own vineyards, proudly cultivating grapes in the renowned terroir of Laona.
The modern winery is the legacy of Pambos Argyrides, who joined his father in 1986 to share their passion for making wine. In 2011 ,his dauthers Rebbecca and Andriana ,together with their mother and team , continue his dream and legacy. Company makes 30000-40000 bottle per year and 3500 bottles of Mourvedre every year which comes from 915m of sea level and 46 years old vines.
Cyprus has unique wines which needs more attention to get the best value of money. We have to start aged well develop wines and promote them around the world, if we want to be part of the world wine atlas.
Thank you of opportunity to taste Argyrides wines in vertical tasting and get this wine ageing experience. for more info about their production
Thank you to Cyprus Sommelier Association which make most of our sommelier trainings




Ageing Cypriot wines

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