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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Who am I? Via Cyprus and choices

who am i

Gergana Nikolova

Hello, who am I?

My work experience started when I was 14 years old as a waitress at this time was just new hobby.
I will never forget it, my boss was a lady who was a waitress more than 40 years very funny, and all the moments were the sweetest thing about this job.
I was working as a head-waiter in 5 star hotel two years at time when we still had government hotels.

If I have my knowledge about serving and rules,

therefore the oldest and strict rules were way of working at this time before 2001. Cristal glasses, white gloves, porcelain, cloth napkins, candles and many others although now everything is height class we lost them.
Somebody once said to me the best in tourism is Turkish. My school about knowing people physiologic was at Viva casino, Sheraton where I was working seven years as a casino dealer.

I was listening

about this entire unique island in The USA, and so I went to a cruise started from Miami and floating trough Nasal, St. Tomas, Bahamas, Honduras, Cozumel (Mexico), Grand Cayman and Roatan Island. Experience was one life moment; I was working with people from all countries.
I went back to Bulgaria I graduated Accommodation management and four years I was Assistant Front Office Manager at 5 stars Balneal and SPA Hotel at Velingrad Bulgaria.

In a moment of anger

because of unhappy relation I came here at Cyprus. I started as waitress, but all this years I was so enthusiastic about wine. Here in this small island I find my dream to learn about how to be a Sommelier. Cyprus Sommelier Organization gives me a chance to learn about and to meet with correct people. Competitions after Completions I am getting closer to my dream and my passion to get the knowledge, I have to taste a lot but with a lot reading behind. WSET is a one of international certificates which I have to pass all steps. This is year is my third one coming on………

Who am I? Via Cyprus and choices

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