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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

Wine tasting challenge or let’s talk about Polis and Latchi.

  My challenge for October will be promoting our beautiful area. Every day I will post pictures portray the area of the greenest spot in Cyprus. Our company do wine tasting and delivery, I would say big Thank you for all our clients and friends without we wouldn’t succeed. Supporting each other we can find much more clients and we can find interesting things about each other.

Why does decide to support local restaurants, villas and hotels?

We advertise our services by locals businesses and we cannot work successfully if they are less occupied. Our wines are boutique and local Cypriot, we use homemade Halloumi from the area, and we are buying fresh local fruits and vegetables only from family businesses.

We work with excellent villas in the area and they offer you wine tasting events from us.

  Wine tasting challenge Luxury Latchi Villas The company has unlimited services and it has the biggest returning clients list. We work successfully with Andria, Pol and Brad Wright because of their professional work. The most beautiful view I have ever seen the sunset touching the sea from Neo Chorio villas. Their family business with professional services and modern thinking. If you are looking for an honest and responsible villas agency you have to book your holidays with Luxury Latchi Villas. Wine tasting challenge Nikos Christodoulou, He has 2 villas and 8 apartments in Latchi next to the sea. Mobile number 00357/ 99683049 Valanto and Michalis and Amalia apartments are unique holiday villas with all requirements for an excellent stay. The booking can be made directly with the owner of the villas. As we work with him the last 8 years we trust him and we are very happy with its help and work. Amalia apartments are situated 2 minutes’ walk to Latchi beach. You can have tennis lessons or just a game with friend on the tennis court. All restaurants and pubs are on one-hand distance. anax, anassa villas, Anax and Anassa villas in Latchi Two fully equipment villas with very polite and organize owner. The family business is requiring welcome stay and individual services which always make you feel as you are home. We have been working with happy clients for the last two years. We would be happy if we continuing our successful work for the future. kinusa villas Kinousa villas 1 and 2 These villas are situated on the North-East facing hill slopes of Argaka region. The high elevation of the village of Kinousa makes these villas cooler in the summer days with the outstanding landscape. Villas are far from the sound of the area and offer all required equipment for brilliant holidays. Direct contact with the owner e-mail:  

The best food I have tried in my life

  All the local restaurants buying fish, meat and vegetables from the area. The specific of the fine dining in the area is the local herbs and olive oil. In our fast driving world, most of the food is very untasty because it is imported. Lots of the veggies and meat, which contains Sulphites and preservatives for longer life are less tasty and even unhealthy.

Challenge to Local restaurants with five-star food

I will write my review for some of the local restaurants in Polis and Latchi. I will not put them by order because they are very different one of the other. Polis Herb Garden and Restaurant in Polis Chrisouhous Entering Polis five minutes’ walk from the center of the village next to the Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe you will see a beautiful herb garden BACK TO NATURE is its slogan. The garden is about 2500 square meter with different kind of herbs and it is open to the public. The restaurant is surrounds of the beautiful herbal and aromatic atmosphere. The menu is including modern Cypriot cuisine with several international meals cooked with its own herbs. The restaurant is open all-day-long from breakfast to dinner. Porto Latchi Restaurant in Latchi It is a 300 years old building with the traditional Cypriot Arches. It was used a carob store until 1984 when it was bought in a public auction. And the restaurant has been run as a restaurant until November the 10th 2004, when a fire completely destroyed. It has been restored within 6 months. Nowadays it is working nonstop all year ago. The beautiful beach view makes this place an unforgettable dining experience. The sea menu includes the hugest fresh fish catch of the day from the area. The restaurants always offer a live lobsters and oysters with the amazing wine list from all world. N9 lounge and restaurant- Latchi The new kid in the block with extraordinary food presentations this restaurant has modern cuisine made from local ingredients. The service is welcome and unforgettable, this small boutique fine dining restaurant offers you the latest trend wine list. You can visit it all year ago from morning to late evening. The food menu has been changing often because of the seasonal veggies, fruit and fishes. We work very enthusiastically with them making wine tasting promotions. We are supported by locals and we would like to support them. This is our first list of partners in the area, our beautiful green area is great for summer and winter tourism. We hope as the government works hard to promote our area as all year touristic destination we can get new wave of tourism as soon as possible. If you need any suggestion about Polis, Latchi and Argaka, you can always send us questions we will be happy to answer them.              
Wine tasting challenge or let’s talk about Polis and Latchi.

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