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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

My wine tasting target

wine target

Since 2021 has been considered a tough year, I have been ready for a new target wine tasting mission. I would like to meet you with my deep research about potential vertical and horizontal tasting. Behind the screen of my work has been staying Cypriot wine-making techniques, barrel and malolactic fermentation. I should be honest with you about how long I have been prepared for the new summer season. And most probably we should talk about what is new coming on the stage of wine-making.

Mission one- visual

My first target is getting visual and virtual. What does it mean?

As we are more deeply in our google research than ever, I have to begin using wineries that are much more visual but difficult to find out at the supermarket. I mean wineries with excellent followers on Instagram, Facebook and Google. The idea is not getting their customers, the idea is to engage them as long as possible in the Cypriot wine industry.

Mission two – emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, or manage your own emotion in positive ways to relieve stress. Or I have been tasting wines and making research on which of them make me and my group happier and existed. 2020 was a year full of fear and stress I would like to make my wine tasting top positive experience for my guest. Our target is happier customers that will come back for new experience.

Third mission- clean and safe environment

Covid safe- we will use sanitized glasses, decanters and materials. We will be tested every week for our and your safeties. No more paper flyers we will use the internet marketing strategy for better engagements. Organic and Biodynamic wineries will be top used in our private tastings. Wines with fewer Sulphites will be the priority.

Wines with oak powder will not be allowed in tastings. We will use as it possible wines with fewer artificial aromatic enzymes.

Fourth Mission – horizontal and vertical tastings

Horizontal tastings are the power of perception of complexity and characteristic of the regions. We taste 8- 10 wines at once to get the main idea and potential of the region. Then we choose the best of the vintage that will portray the terroir. Vertical tastings are the target that we use often to get knowledge of the indigenous varieties of Cyprus. Or our target is the unforgettable and extraordinary appearance in the wine.

Fifth Mission – territorial pairings

The food pairing target is getting as much as possible Cypriot products for the private wine tastings. Territorial food is the best food and wine match that is the main idea of Cypriot wine tasting.

We cooperate with farmers from our region supporting each other we upgrade our services.

Enjoy your holidays in Cyprus and please buy Cypriot products as their fresher and tasty.

My wine tasting target

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