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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world

The new reality behind my dream job

new reality

As we are living in a new reality, I have been looking for an online adventure. We are open to more and more new virtual wine tasting and lessons. Our new wine tasting season starts with five wineries, five different vision of winemaking. We offer our wine tasting virtual by the householder and you will receive five wines and zoom meeting for one hour.

Why did I choose the tasting virtual strategy?

I have been looking for new reality options than I realized meeting online connect people as good as personal wine tasting. I have been making wine tasting meetings with clients worldwide through all this Covid 19 pandemic. I have been meeting people from Australia and the USA early in the morning or late in the night but all these meetings make me happier and ready for new opportunities.

When have I started my Sommelier journey?

I had been working on Carnival Cruise Line FL, Miami since 2008.

Somewhere between the sea days, I have been in love with laying at St. Tomas white beaches with a beer in my hand and a book listening to the silence. I met a friend of mine New York Sommelier. He had been struggling with my wine ignorance. John has made the impossible and he made me in love with Provence roses and Bandol roses. My dream has struggled for many years but my wine love has never stopped.

Can you order a dream wine tasting meeting?

The dream wine tasting meeting is our new opportunity, new reality. What does it mean? You can contact me by or Facebook. We will talk about the wine you would be happy to taste with a professional Sommelier and we will settle the appointment for your virtual tasting. You can choose any wine, region or country.

It will be tasting and an online wine class. Just dream it, and it will become true.

Can you order virtual tasting or wine class from around the world?

Yes, definitely. You can be with me from any point in the world. All our private virtual tasting are for your better experience and fan.

What about Cypriot wine tasting? Can you order a virtual tasting?

We would be happy if we could do it. But it will be impossible to ship Cypriot wines. In case you are living in a country where you can buy them then it is ok.

Can you order Bulgarian wine tasting online?

Yes, you can. And you can participate from all over the world as Bulgarian wines can be found worldwide.

The new reality wine tastings are online available worldwide

I am Gergana Nikolova professional sommelier and owner of our aim is to make our clients in love with beautiful wines. The new reality is online. We are connecting easier than ever.




The new reality behind my dream job

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