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Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc -Craggy Range

Craggy Range


Today will start with top world-class Sauvignon Blanc by Craggy Range and their baby Wild Rock. Since 1999 Craggy Range has been the top producer in all New Zealand with vineyards in Otago and Marlborough. Te Mata Peak in Hawke’s Bay has been produced the most iconic Sauvignon Blanc with its typical character of New Zealand.

Nowadays Steve Smith MW has been their winemaker and top winemaker in the area. I was in love with its work which expresses the clearness and quality of the Maritain cool climate of the Wairau Valley sub region.

Wild Rock Sauvignon Black can be found at,

At N9 lounge and restaurant Latchi and at MY Vine Merchants

Our company sells only in Polis Chrisouhous, Latchi, Neo Chorio and Argaka area. But My vine merchants are selling all over Cyprus.

Wine tasting note by Gergana Nikolova WSET professional Sommelier owner of wine-delivery. Online.

The Colour is clear and light straw yellow with green hints.

The Aromas are intense and richer. Easily we can portrait tropical fruits like passion fruit, gooseberry, elderflower, guava and quince. As we already know that we have Maritain cool climate. We can found herbaceous notes like thyme, mint, Basil and lemongrass.

The sunlight of the region makes our ripening easy job, the temperature which is cooler in the nights make the characteristic of this extraordinary wine. We can be amazed by the green bell pepper coming from the winemaking result of the methoxypyrazine. Or this method is choosing to pick slight earlier the grapes than usual.

The Palate

The palate of the wine is dry, with high acidity, med body and med alcohol levels. The flavours of this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc are the same as the nose. We detect tropical fruits, herbal notes, minerality and the green specter of asparagus and bell pepper.

Food pairing

Food pairing will be easy with seafood and fry fresh potatoes. But the best food pairing is with scallops and oysters because of the high acidity. I would love to have this wine with grilled vegetables and herbal dressing.

Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc has an elegant body, enormous fruit and herbal characteristic and lovely outgoing long peach after taste. Craggy Range has been one of the most popular producers of quality Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

What else we should know about Sauvignon Blanc?

It is 75% of all production of New Zealand and it has clear profile characteristic of the grape. No oak, no malolactic fermentation and no lees ageing. Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc the baby of Craggy Range will explore the unknown world for you with its clear and dynamic taste. I will give 90p for that outstanding experience and I will put it in my top 10 white wine in the world.


Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc -Craggy Range

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