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A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all books in the world


Spaice for Boutique wines. Zambartas winery

  Space for Boutique wines Zambartas winery. Why I use Cyprus wine for wine tastings? What means Boutique wine? Cyprus wines have a long history and the hugest step for the new style Cyprus wines influences Akis Zambartas. We have to thanks him for standing behind indigenous varieties and because Zambatrtas put them on […]

Astoria Estate Wines. What means quality Italian wines?

Astoria Estate is founded 1987. It is modern company with perfect designed bottles with whole team designers. Eco and bio production is what they made their company looking in the future. Veneto is the city of wine, fantastic food and fashion. Nestled at the foot of the upper Treviso hills, along the provincial route 38 […]

NO woman NO wine

  Female Sommelier So, it is very old fashion to talk about woman discrimination, than we will discuss about female Sommeliers and what world knows about it. Who is the first female Sommelier? Sarah Morphew Stephen and she is Master of Wine ( from 1970. The exam itself exists from 1953. The first female Master […]

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